Valuing Startups

Today’s best post is from my partner Jason Mendelson and is titled What’s The Value Of My Startup?  In it, Jason covers many of the inputs that go into a VC’s mind when coming up with the valuation for a startup.

What Valuation Are You Looking For?

Stu Phillips has the great VC post of the day up titled The Valuation Trap.  In it, he tells you how to answer the question from a VC of "what valuation are you looking for?"  Of course, if I ask you the question, please ignore Stu’s advice and just give me a number.

How Do VC’s Determine Company Valuations?

Question: Valuation is often one of the first questions VC’s ask of companies seeking capital.  It seems that VC firms have their own way of doing a down and dirty estimate of the companies value.  Will you share some of the common “quick ways” they arrive at the companies value? The short answer is “no…