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Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist is the definitive guide to venture financings. This book is for anyone who wants the insider’s guide to raising money, negotiating deals, and to know what really makes venture capitalists tick.

  • Reading the book now. So far, so good.

  • Chapter 2 today- what a great resource. I have raised money previously and wished I had this info before I started. On to bigger and better things…

    Do or Do NOT…

    Now onto the doing…Thanks for the great resource.

    • Awesome – glad you found it useful.

  • About Venture Deals v3, do you know if/when the Audible version will be out? Like the previous version, I’ll just play it over and over again while driving.


    • We just agreed (Jason and I) to do the recording. We are working on a date.

  • Frederic Lauchenauer

    Finished the book, it’s a great read. As a new angel investor, and hopefully one day a VC, it certainly helps to understand the important points. Well done. I also enjoy your insights in your blog

  • George Vukotich

    Hi Brad, We started Chicago’s first FinTech incubator in Chicago in January. We’re in the process of launching an accelerator program. I’m looking for a sample agreement that has details of what the company would get in return for the equity they give to us.
    We’re FinTank
    Right now building our brand by offering a number of educational events.–chicago/fintank/?mode=search
    Appreciate any insights you have on building an incubator/accelerator and sample documents as well.
    If easier my email is
    Thanks for the good work you’re doing.
    George Vukotich

    • Email me and I’ll connect you with the Global Accelerator Network (

      • George Vukotich

        Brad, I reached out to them, but they want $18K to be a member. We’re a startup ourselves and it does not fit budget wise. Open to other ideas.

        • Check in with any nearby accelerator (Chicago / midwest) and see if they’ll share their documents with you.

          • George Vukotich

            Spoke to the person who formerly ran the Chicago Techstars (TH) said he couldn’t. Do you know anyone else in area?
            If easier my email is
            I don’t have yours.

          • Nope – sorry.

    • Joseph Lizio


      Do you have a board of directors? If so, use them to source
      your docs. If you don’t I would suggest one – say 7 professionals from your

      They should be:

      1) Banker

      2) Lawyer

      3) Someone
      associated with a local or university say with the tech department or
      businesses department.

      4) CPA

      5) Previous successful client of an incubator/accelerator.

      6) Business professional

      7) You.

      Set these up then have a meeting where you select a chairman.
      Then, task the chairman to source your docs. You should be able to get the lawyer to use his/her firm to draft the docs (pro bono) then let your board work out the

      Not only will a board as such help you with your docs, but
      they can also help you market your services as well as guide you in your
      growth. Many successful professionals these days love to give back and what
      better way then helping other businesses succeed.

      Just my thoughts.

  • Shyam Mantha

    Just started reading the book. Very insightful and informative. Thanks for sharing your experiences and good work you are doing for the Entrepreneurs and Investors