Teaching With Our Book – Venture Deals

We’ve been flattered through the years to hear that several highly acclaimed universities have used our term sheet series to teach business, law and engineering students the ins and outs of the venture financing term sheet.  With the release of our book, Venture Deals:  Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist, we’ve begun to hear that folks are using our book in the classroom, as well.  The book is much more broad than the term sheet series in that it discusses fundraising, negotiation tactics and potentially most importantly, how VC firms are organized and incentivized, thus providing a never-seen-before look into the inner workings of venture firms.

Jason co-teaches a class at the University of Colorado Law School called VC 360 with professor Brad Bernthal.  They’ve been teaching the class for four years now and both enjoyed teaching from the book, rather than cobbling together a disjointed coursepack on the subject matter.  (Okay, we are biased, but take our word for it).

We’ve also learned that Woody Benson and Philip Lowe are teaching a course at Bentley University using the book.

With that in mind, we’ve created a new page at AskTheVC.com: Teaching.  To start, the University of Colorado and Bentley University have open sourced their syllabi and we welcome other educators to join us by posting theirs as well.  If you want to get involved, just leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.

We’ve also created a forum in case we get enough participation that we can share stories and issues about teaching from the book. Finally, Brad Bernthal and us will be writing a teacher manual for the book to help future use in the education ecosystem.

Thanks Philip and Woody on being our first partners!


  • Guest

    grammar check: Finally, Brad Bernthal and us will be writing a teachers manual for the book to help future use in the education ecosystem.

  • Good to hear that the book is being used to teach.  I am using the book in the entrepreneurial finance course that I created and am teaching at the University of Louisville this semester.  The first half of the semester has been about financial forecasts and understanding financial statements (mainly cash flow), while the second half of the course is focusing on sources of financing and venture deals.  As you can imagine, the book comes in handy during the 2nd half of the course.  Nice work by you and Jason.

    • Anonymous

      John, if you’d like, we are happy to put your course and syllabus up on the website. If so, just email me at jason at foundrygroup.com

  • Stephen McKeon

    I’m planning to use the book for a seminar at a local accelerator (RAIN) and also as part of my core MBA course at Univ. of Oregon. If well received, I may seek to expand it into a full course. I’ll share my materials once I create them. I’m getting errors for the links on the teaching page, but would be grateful for any syllabi or slide decks you have available.