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When to Shut Down Your Company

Last week we started the blog series (written by Roger Glovsky), How to Wind Down Your Company.  The response and comments were great!  Keep them coming.  This week we tackle the hardest problem of all: deciding when to shut down your company. It is not easy an easy decision, especially for entrepreneurs.  Starting a company…

Know Your Communication Strategy When Raising Money

Today’s interesting post is from Matt Eventoff and talks about how startups need a communications strategy while raising money – not all that dissimilar from a disgraced politician.  Thanks Matt!

How To Wind Down Your Company – New Series

Of the most popular posts that Brad and I have created are our series on Term Sheets, Compensation, and Mergers and Acquisitions.  One of the subjects that we’ve wanted to tackle has been the dissolution of companies.  It’s never fun to think about failure, but it happens a lot. Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten around to…