Archives / August, 2009

Thoughtful Analysis on the Dynamics of the VC Industry

I tend to stay out of the “VC is dead, long live the VC Industry” discussion but I couldn’t avoid Bill Gurley’s fantastic post titled What Is Really Happening To The Venture Capital Industry?  All I can say to this post is “what Bill said.”

How to Run a Great Board Meeting

Today, the great post is by my partner Brad.  He has a great post on how to run a great board meeting.  Should be required reading in my opinion.

Ruminations On Whether Seattle VC’s Suck

Today’s post of the day is from Andy Sack titled Do Seattle VCs suck?  In it, Andy states: “Moreover, I wanted to explore the question: Do Seattle venture capitalist suck as much as their public opinion suggests?  In a nutshell, the local venture community is getting a bad rap. However, it’s also easy to understand…