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Getting Attention from VCs and Angel Investors If You Are Young

Today’s great post (really an article) is titled Getting attention (and cash) from VCs and angel investors.  If you are in college or a recent graduate, you are starting a company, and are looking to raise money, this is a helpful article.

VC Investing During A Downturn

Today’s best post is from Fred Wilson and is titled Investing In Thick and Thin.  Once again, Fred totally nails it.  "Our approach is to manage a modest amount of capital (in our case less than $300 million across two active funds) and deploy it at roughly $40 million per year, year in and year…

What Does Your Business Actually Do?

Q: I love your article in the Entrepreneur magazine. It was very information. Thank you.  I am now currently developing the domain name I had for 9 years to due other business and real estate investments.  Do you have any suggestions which VC wants to invest?  Currently looking for $100k to $250K. I only want…

Angels – Keep It Simple and Fair

Q: I have an angel investor that is asking me for full anti-dilution protection for the lifetime of their investment, along with a host of other economic terms including dividends.  They are putting in a small amount of money, but are insisting that "this is the way it is done."  This doesn’t seem right –…

Valuing Startups

Today’s best post is from my partner Jason Mendelson and is titled What’s The Value Of My Startup?  In it, Jason covers many of the inputs that go into a VC’s mind when coming up with the valuation for a startup.

Not All Founders Are Founders

David Cohen has today’s great post up titled The Boomerang Founder.  He defines "the Boomerang Founder is the one that “throw away” but then comes back later on and hits you upside the head, often causing significant trauma." "You start a company, and you and a couple of buddies get together and draft a simple…

Deciding Which VCs to Avoid (or to approach)

Georges van Hoegaerden, the managing director of The Venture Company, has today’s post of the day titled Which investors to avoid.  In addition to a couple of great one-liners, it’s got some good advice.  To reinforce Georges post with an opposite, take a look at Fred Wilson’s post Soundcloud – Flickr For Musicians.  In it,…

Watch Tim Draper Undress

Tim Draper – the co-founder of DFJ – is the latest entrant into the pantheon of VC bloggers.  So far he hasn’t said much, but he did take his clothes off while singing the chorus of his song "The Riskmaster."