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Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

Today’s great post is from Josh Kopelman and is titled I Don’t Know.  In it he describes two meetings and explains the key importance of founder credibility – and why the founder in the second meeting had much more credibility than the one in the first.  Oh – and he nudges all of his know-it-all…

How A VC Thinks About Marketplaces

Today’s great post is from Albert Wegner at Union Square Ventures titled Structural Change and Marketplaces.  If you want a view of how Albert and his partners think about marketplaces (and the structural changes occurring) read carefully.

What’s the Difference between a CEO and COO?

Q:  Can you please clarify the distinction between the roles of a CEO and a COO? I had my own impression of the roles of a CEO, which included managing and motivating the team as a whole and ensuring the execution of day-to-day tasks. However, after speaking with a mentor, who has been a CEO…

How Does A Small Angel Investment Impact a Future VC Round?

Q: Say I have an angel (SEC accredited) who’s ready to invest at an amount well below $100k. How would this impact on a future round with VCs? Is there some standard or average pre-money and post-money that happens in angel deals? Also, the angel in question is a family member of a friend, so…

Communicating With Your Board

My partner Seth Levine has today’s great post up titled Serial vs. collective board communication.  In addition to the post being stimulating, the first comment starts off "I’d like to politely disagree" and goes on to add several interesting counterpoints.

Are Venture Capitalists incompetent or just inconsiderate?

Today’s guest poster is Frank Ronchetti, CFO of a local startup in Boulder. His “ask the vc” question became more of an observation and I thought that I would post in its entirety and then comment below. Frank, you have the floor. Are VCs incompetent or just inconsiderate? Not all venture capitalists mind you, just…

It’s My Fault

Jeff Bussgang has today’s great post up titled Let’s Play "Blame The VC."  It’s something that regularly confounds VCs and entrepreneurs alike.  The punch line: "Then, when you don’t get funding, play "blame the VC".  Tell all your friends that those risk-averse idiots wouldn’t know a good deal if it hit them in the face. …

Saving Money When Running A Startup

Jason Calacanis has today’s great post up titled How to save money running a startup (17 really good tips).  I don’t necessarily agree with all of them and they won’t all work in all cases, but there are some good nuggets in there.