Archives / February, 2008

Do You Have Conviction and Discipline?

Today’s great VC blog post once again comes from Fred Wilson and is titled Conviction and Discipline.  Having made a lot of investing mistakes in 1999 and 2000, I learned this lesson many times over.  It’s also consistent with the Fantastic Notes from an Interview with Warren Buffett that I posted on Feld Thoughts earlier…

Choosing Board Members

Fred Wilson has today’s outstanding post titled Thoughts on Choosing Board Members.  I’ve sat on a number of boards with Fred and agree completely with everything he said in his post.

Power and Spooky Minds

Two great VC posts today.  The first is from my partner Seth Levine titled The power paradox and discusses "power" (not that kind that runs your computer.)  The second is from Rick Segal and is a look inside the spooky place he calls his mind/space/time for how to get his attention as a VC.

Pondering Bridges

Rob Shurtleff (known as his blog as FOO Rob) has a great post up titled Bridges to Nowhere.  While this belongs in Fred Wilson’s archive of VC Cliches, it’s a good explanation of how bridges can fail to support a startup.

Do Venture Capitalists Demand Audited Financials?

Q:  Do venture capitalists require audited financials from the companies they’re considering for an investment?  Will “reviewed” financials suffice?  For that matter, how do acquirers think about audited financials?  Will they help speed an acquisition or is it overkill? A: (From guest writer, our partner, Chris Wand).  We have a requirement that all of the…