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This Downturn Will Be Different

Fred Wilson thinks the upcoming (or next) downturn will be different and while he agrees with some things in Will Price’s post titled Downturn – Now What? Fred adds his own thoughts in his post This Time Will Be Different.  Flight to quality anyone?

A VCs Thought On A Potential Downturn

Will Price at Hummer Winblad has today’s great post up titled Downturn – Now What?  I love it when someone completely nails it and I don’t have to do anything other than link to their post.

The CEO Review

My partner Seth Levine has today’s great post up titled CEO Reviews.  In it, he talks about the importance of a board of a venture-backed company doing a CEO review and provides a road map for how to do it.

What Happens to Unvested Options in a Merger?

Q: I work at a startup in the valley, and I’m wondering what happens to unvested shares in the event of acquisition? I.e., should I expect that they are canceled, accelerated, or stay on the same vesting timeline? A:  (Jason)  The answer is “all of the above.”  Any of these are potential outcomes in an…

Angel Funding Toolkit

Aruni Gunasegaram has a great post up on GigaOm’s Found|Read titled My Funding Toolkit.  It’s a nice summary of stuff that Aruni has put together in the quest for her next round of angel funding.

What Is A CTO?

Fred Wilson has a long post up today titled What To Say To A Roomful of CTOs.  As with many of Fred’s "think out loud posts" it covers a lot of ground.  It’s an interesting complement to a post I wrote last October titled CTO vs. VP Engineering where I assert that after 20 employees,…

VCs to Avoid

Ooh – this one is great. Larry Chiang has a post up on FoundRead titled 9 VCs You’re Gonna Want to Avoid.  You’ll be laughing hard by the time he gets to #12 and the bonus round.

Mid-Atlantic Venture Capital Funds

Q: Is there a list or could you recommend some mid-Atlantic angel investors/funds? A: (Brad) The Mid-Atlantic Venture Association has a good list.