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Don’t Have A Lazy Relationship With Your VC

Today’s great post is from Bilal Zuberi @ Lux Capital. In it he asserts that Friends Don’t Let Friends Have a Lazy VC/CEO Relationship. I see this play out so many times in so many ways that – while it seems obvious – it’s an important reminder to all entrepreneurs who hear their friends complaining about their relationship with a VC.

Oh – and make sure your VC has a sense of humor. For example:

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  • http://www.campusgrids.com/ Campusgrids

    What are the best ways to keep it entertaining ? What kinds of activities would keep things going ?

    • http://www.feld.com bfeld

      Normal, human interactions with a sense of levity.

      • DC

        Lol. Normal for who? ;-) You guys have to teach that to investors
        outside of USA. Really. I believe if you guys follow Steve Blank
        proselytism way in creating a some sort of a compelling manifesto and VC
        guidelines, lots of non-americans VC would jump in the startup
        bandwagon and nurture great startup founders (or searchers in Steve
        Blank’s way).

  • DC

    It would be nice if Brad could reply Campusgris questions.