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Crash Course Video

Thanks to my friends at Kendall Media Group, here is the video of my recent Venture Capital Crash Course at the Silicon Flatirons. 

I give a 25 minute presentation and then hold an hour town-hall question and answer session.  Great questions were asked, so if you are interested in what goes through a VC’s head, take a gander.

The video is really well done.  The slides are integrated into the presentation.  I’d highly recommend Craig Kendall if you need any video creation or editing work.  Thanks Craig for putting all the time into the video.  Here’s a bit about Craig:

Founded on 13 years web and video experience and a passion for top quality video, Craig Kendall is the founder of Kendall Media Group and eventon.tv. Currently partnering with many Boulder area technology programs including IgniteBoulder, the Boulder Denver New Tech Meetup, and Silicon Flatiron’s Crash Course for Entrepreneurs, eventon.tv is helping provide video recording and production for the web. Having recently returned to Colorado after 13 years in Tennessee, Craig is thrilled to be part of the technology community in Colorado."There’s some really amazing things happening in the Boulder/Denver area as far as technology and entrepreneurship and Kendall Media Group is excited to be a part of it," says Craig. Reach out to Craig at craig at kendallmediagroup dot com.

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  • http://blog.excelsiorstudio.com Cory Armbrecht

    That was such a great video, thanks for posting it! I got quite a lot of information out of it. I wish I was there when you asked for an elevator pitch, my hand would've been up in a second! That actually surprised me that the class was slow to respond on that one. I'm right with you on the transformative companies and not just the next best. I believe I have an idea for a great one, it's just hard to get VCs or angels to see that in a quick elevator pitch.

    What happens if your idea is very broad with much information? It's hard to “smush” all that info together.

    Great vid!
    -Cory Armbrecht

    • http://www.jasonmendelson.com Jason Mendelson

      Thanks for the support.

  • http://socalbuzz.wordpress.com Jim

    Thanks for the great video. I thoroughly enjoyed watching and will be passing the link on to others who I think will benefit from watching.

  • http://www.bido.com Sahar Sarid

    Great video, much thanks.

    Sahar Sarid

    Recall Media Group – co founder
    Bido.com – co founder

  • http://www.tpservice.org mathew

    High quality video.The slides are integrated into the presentation.
    Thanks for sharing.