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The Re-emergence of Venture Debt

Ed Sim has today’s great VC post titled Don’t forget to look at venture debt when raising a new roundVenture debt is a useful part of the capital structure of any VC-backed company and is suddenly trendy again.  Ed writes eloquently about the advantages and pitfalls.

June 12th, 2007 by     Categories: Fundraising    
  • http://kolegraffsolar.googlepages.com/kolegraffsolar Gary Kolegraff

    My name is Gary Kolegraff

    I am currently looking for Venture Capital for my Solar Startup in Cupertino

    At present, we are looking for $50 million in stage 1 funding.

    In addition to attaching a WORD copy of our business plan, I am also
    including a GOOGLE presentation that you can view at your leisure.

    This presentation can be launched by simply clicking below:

    Click here to view presentation

    You are also welcome to view our website by clicking below:


    I look foreward to hearing from you to arrange for financing

    Best Regards

    Gary Kolegraff
    Founder, CEO