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Fred Wilson’s Predictions for 2007

A regular feature of AsktheVC will be to highlight great posts by other VCs that we think are relevant for all entrepreneurs.  We subscribe to and read (ok – at least skim) as many of the VC bloggers as we can find.  It’s fitting that one of the first VC blogger – Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures (and one of the guys that introduced me to blogging) – has the first post (in this case – set of posts) that we are highlighting.

While Fred was eating his way across Italy with his family over the past two weeks, he managed to write five insightful posts about areas he thinks are going to be important in 2007.

I’ve seen way too many 2006 lists and 2007 predictions the past few weeks – most that aren’t worth reading.  However, Fred’s are.

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    Brad/Jason — “End of Page View” is incorrectly linked in the above post.
    The correct URL is http://avc.blogs.com/a_vc/2006/12/2007_the_end_of.html
    BTW, why don’t you guys indicate who actually writes the posts so that it’d be easier for us to relate to when you say “I” in your posts.
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