Where Are The Best Executive Programs and Crash Courses for Venture Capital?

Q: As a rookie VC trial by fire is a great way to learn. Aside from crunching through some early deals, where are the best executive programs and crash courses for newbies to the VC world?

A: While self serving, we recommend you start with our book – Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer And Venture Capitalist. In addition, there are a bunch of courses now using the book that are referenced on the web that include additional materials that are helpful.

Jason also did an excellent Crash Course on Venture Capital – the 90 minute video is below.

Venture Capital Crash Course with Jason Mendelson from Andrew on Vimeo.

Berkeley has an excellent Venture Capital Executive Program as do Harvard and Stanford. In fact, a quick Google search on Venture Capital Executive Program turns up a bunch of great resources.

There is also extensive information on the National Venture Capital Association website, the four day Venture Capital Institute is entering its 38th year, and the Kauffman Fellows Program is entering their 18th year.

If you know of other web based resources, please add them in the comments.

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  • Jose G

    Did you include these with Udemy ? If not, why not ?
    What is wrong with Pepperene University? They offer certificate in Private Capital.

    • Good additions.

    • @0f27191a483e4ed85f7d1f2a39ef64b4:disqus can you please share the link for udemy’s course. Thanks.

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