McIntyre: Unencumbered By Reality

Ryan McIntyre, one of my partners at Foundry Group, has a delightful post up this morning with a short (4 minute) video about the founding and startup of Excite on his blog titled Ctrl+Alt+Compete Documentary. Ah yes, Excite, one of the first search engines (can you name the very first one? I’ll give you a hint – it was created at SIPB.) I love this story – it serves as Saturday morning inspiration for anyone in school thinking about starting a company. He even references Gopher which made me chuckle out loud.

My favorite phrase – “we were unencumbered by reality.”

  • Massimo Sgrelli

    Yeah.. Gopher, Veronica, WAIS, … the world wide web was only a newcomer and something really new and different. When someone, like an entrepreneur try to remember how he had succeeded in his best ventures, everything seems so easy and the most important events seem so natural? Well actually it is. When something good and great happens, you do your best and it simply happens 🙂