Ehrenberg: Letting Go

Today’s VC post is from Roger Ehrenberg (IA Ventures) titled Letting Go. Roger makes a strong set of points about how a founder/CEO needs to learn how to let go. I have a specific nuance that I see often where I think VCs regularly screw up that I bring up in the comments. I’d encourage you to go take a look and weigh in on the comments – this is a good and important one.

There are two runner up posts – Primum Non Nocere from Fred Wilson (USV) and How to Create an Early-Stage Pitch Deck from Ryan Spoon (Polaris). Both good extra food for thought on this wild card weekend.

  • FYI – you’re missing a colon in the link to Letting Go.  Here’s a working link:

  • Great post.  MHO some things are more dangerous for a CEO to step back from than others.  Marketing  (which includes product) and company culture get my vote as things which are risky to distance oneself from.  Letting go of product is letting go of what your company is all about – it is the nexus of your relationship with customers.  Letting go of company culture is letting one evolve by default rather than managing one to embody the values you want to permeate the the organization.  

  • I really liked the comment Brad made. Made me laugh actually. Straight forward and all shit aside. (“Disclaimer”,Take with a grain of salt) haha. This is such a great topic because its not something you can’y just learn at school or for the most part even pick up in a book. Knowing when to step aside and when not to is such a transparent line. I see by example a lot when CEO’s can’t find that medium.