Suster: Why You Should Ban Laptops & iPads at Board Meetings

Mark Suster (GRP) reminds all of us to check our laptops, iPhones, Blackberries, and other electronic devices at the door at board meetings. CEOs should enforce this, as should the other VCs and board members in the room.

No “full partial attention” – just full attention.





  • Scot Duke

    I can agree with this!!  Seen too many people leave board meetings saying..I have no idea what this meeting was about..because they were on Twitter the entire meeting.

  • Agree bigtime here. BoD meetings are no time to be paying half-attention. They don’t happen that often, a lot of work goes into the setup and the value of the BoD is compromised if the attention isn’t there. Board members not reading the packages ahead of time is another problem, but lets save that one. 

    I’d further the point and say that laptops, phones should not be allowed in pitch meetings either. I’ve delivered more than a few VC pitches where I had to watch said VC check their phone, reply to something, etc while I’m trying to answer the very question they asked me. Super frustrating, but also pretty telling that they don’t give a shit. 

  • Agreed. There will always be someone at a formal meeting taking notes, so there’s no excuse to need a note-taking/research tool.