Weiss: Looking Bigger

The post of the day is from Scott Weiss (Andreesseen Horowitz) titled Looking Bigger.

Scott’s a new VC blogger – I’ve gotten to know him over the past few years on the Return Path board and he’s a dynamite thinker. He’s got amazingly useful experience (and stories) from his last company – IronPort – and this post is a good example of his insights which are backed up with real experience.

I expect to see Scott, as well as his partners Ben Horowitz, Marc Andreessen, John O’Farrell, and Jeff Jordan at A16Z who are all blogging, show up in the VC Post of the Day on a regular basis.

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  • Bryan Batten

    Terrific post and so true. As I was beginning negotiations with our potential partners this was a huge concern as we are up against some GIANTS. When I initially began reaching out to some of the partners without showing / demoing the product they were very hesitant and wanted to close the door as we were an unknown little guy. So as we designed our product the company has taken the same approach as mentioned above to the actual product and made sure we produced a premium product that looks and acts just as the big boys does (we feel BETTER). It has paid off greatly. Now as we gear up for launch the execution but specifically focusing on customer care is our priority and it is allowing us to make strides where we were initial turned away.
    Thanks for sharing
    Bryan Batten

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