Venture Deals: Chapter 13: Legal Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know

There are a few legal issues that we’ve seen consistently become hurdles for entrepreneurs and their lawyers. While in some cases they will simply be a hassle to clean up in a financing or an exit, they often have meaningful financial implications for the company and, in the worst case, can seriously damage the value of your business. We aren’t your lawyers or giving you legal advice here (our lawyers made us write that), but we encourage you to understand these issues rather than just assume that your lawyer got them right.

In this final chapter of the book, we will briefly cover Intellectual Property, Employment Issues, State of Incorporation, Accredited Investors, Filing an 83(b) Election, and Section 409A Valuations.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the overview of Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer And Venture Capitalist. If you have, grab a copy of the book. We are open to any and all feedback, including topics you wished we had covered, things that aren’t clear, and things you disagree with. Regardless, we hope we’ve helped you be smarter than your lawyer and venture capitalist.

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    Jason – Brad:

    Such great stuff in this book it truly is a primer for guys like me, aspiring entrepreneur without the extensive background, just last night a good friend who is associate general counsel for a large local securities firm was impressed with my understanding and it is with complete thanks to the two of you.

    Eric J

  • Jacob

    Always important to be somewhat familiar with these things.
    Paul Azous