Sabet: Always Be Recruiting

Bijan Sabet (Spark Capital) has the VC Post of the Day with Always be Recruiting. The best CEO’s I know are always recruiting, completely obsessed with building the best possible team, and tireless about meeting great new people that might some day be a fit for their company.

As a bookend to this, Eric Friedman (Union Square Ventures) has a great complimentary post titled How to get a job at a startup. In it he has some practical advice for anyone who wants to get a job at a startup.

As a special bonus today, Chris Dixon (Founders Collective) has an awesome post up titled What The NYC Startup World Needs (And Doesn’t Need). As someone who studies the idea of entrepreneurial communities and has worked hard at building one in Boulder as well as supporting other cities, I agree with everything Chris says in this post.

  • It’s super hard right now – but if you can understand what motivates people, build a unique culture that excites a certain kind of person, and then go after those people relentlessly, you should be able to build a great team. I’m pitching investors and pitching prospective employees right now, and it actually feels very similar.