Model Cap Tables With VCHub

A few days ago I answered a question on AsktheVC about modeling cap tables. After a quick email conversation with Jeff Boardman (founder of LearnVC), I realize I had left his product off the list.

Jeff has done a nice job building a site that both models a cap table and provides a lot of information to empower entrepreneurs both with educational resources and software tools. In addition to modeling a cap table and ownership of the company, Jeff’s software helps answer questions like “if I sell for $100M, how much money does everyone receive.”

In addition, he’s created a variety of interactive examples that help you understand things like:

The LearnVC site has a bunch of other interactive examples for some of the basics of venture financing including:

To see their product in action, check out their videos.

  • A very helpful posts for businessmen. But I am not so sure if those businessmen still have time to blog or even read blogs for that matter. I hope most of them would come to tumble on your site since it would really be helping them a lot in improving their businesses.

  • I created a simple GoogleDoc spreadsheet for modeling multiple rounds of funding that seems to work well for most startups raising money. It’s free, and you can check it out here:

  • stevewfindlay

    We’ve got a free-to-use cap table builder service for startups over at – it models returns, and fully diluted positions and covers 99% of use cases…