Levine: Should The Current Market Environment Change Your Fundraising Strategy?

Today’s VC Post of the Day is from my partner Seth Levine (Foundry Group) and is titled Should the current market environment change your fundraising strategy? I think it’s right on the money and captures / synthesizes much of the valid advice flying around from VCs and pundits about how entrepreneurs should think about fundraising right now. Do yourself a favor – read it slowly and think about it.

The runner up post of the day is from Bryce Roberts (OATV) titled A Year Ago. It’s a heartfelt reflection from Bryce on living in Silicon Valley for a year after uprooting and moving his family from Salt Lake City.

  • Yes it should change your strategy. Be even more aggressive in connecting/networking and presenting.Why? Because most would think it would be a time to lay low until the dust settles.Take advantage of others predictably irrational behavior by getting your story out there. Be a leader not a follower.