Levine: Beware of ASSHOLE VCs

I love a good rant, especially when it’s from one of my partners. Today, Seth Levine has the VC Post of the Day titled Beware of ASSHOLE VCs. He talks in detail about his frustration with an experience he’s just had with a company he invested in unrelated to Foundry Group. He reminds us all to “check out your investors before you go into business with them.”

  • Rich

    That’s no shit!

    Get it… Asshole VCs… “shit”?

  • Honest question: do you think this kind of thing would be revealed in the kind of due diligence entrepreneurs can do? Do these particular unnamed investors have a track record of destruction? Negative thefunded.com comments? 

    Maybe the trick is finding portfolio companies that didn’t succeed, and asking those founders?