GREAT New Blog – IP Law for Startups

Today, I learned that former classmate of mine at the University of Michigan has started a blog for startups dealing with intellectual property issues.

Jill Bowman is a great person and her blog is not only informative, but is also written in her voice, not legalese.  (Her husband says it’s too “girly” but I totally disagree). 

Jill promises to dish on IP “train wrecks” (her words) that she’s seen over the past decade and hopefully her wisdom can save some folks future headaches.

She also promises to talk about costs savings in IP controversies and expose how some big firms are ripping off their clients. 

Her first post is Ten Smart Reasons to Learn About IP Law.  Jill, welcome to the blogosphere.  We are happy to have you. 

  • This is so awesome of Jill. Great work!

  • Exactly my point !!

  • Great – about time we get some good clarity regarding IP and the laws surrounding it.

  • Great idea for a blog! It's important to talk to as many experts as possible when dealing with IP. Small businesses especially need to be taking notes.

  • It is important to learn about IP laws, especially with IPv6 coming on board.

  • James MotownIni

    A great book I've read 1.5 times (about to finish again) that is a great guide to building IP strategy is “The Invisible Edge : Taking your strategy to the next level”
    Highly recommend it for start-ups, or just people interested in the subject of IP

  • Air Max

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  • Ali

    Why are you guys not blogging anymore??!?! Please come back!

  • Good thing. IP’s a big issue in the Internet and this ought to help guide start-ups.

  • Anonymous

    n Great idea for a blog! It’s important to talk to as many expertsn as possible when dealing with IP. Small businesses especially need to nbe taking notes.Thanks for post…CRMn nu00a0

  • It’s always refreshing to have a blog that deals with something as complicated with IP laws that uses a lay person’s tone and choice of words. It makes IP legalities more accessible. 

  • While I’ve read the blog and like a number of the posts, and I realize this is an old post that just popped up new for a bunch of us due to some RSS quirk, I’m wondering if you guys might temper your recommendation if there’s more posts like this one: 
    “Why A Strong Patent Application Should Be Your Startup’s First Investment”

    You guys don’t seem to agree (and I wholeheartedly agree with you here):

    The post I’m complaining about doesn’t really make the distinction as to what kind of startups should file patent applications, but given the demographics of the readership you’re sending their way, I think that’s the problem. 

  • For some reason this post popped up as a new post post recently.

    I’ve been a subscriber to Jill’s blog since its inception and this re-post reminded me of how disappointed I’ve been with it. I’ve even sent her a semi-passionate email asking for helpful, relevant content rather than variations on ‘why I should hire an IP attorney’.

    Anyway, this was a good reminder that I should just unsubscribe from it…

    • Anonymous

      At first glance, I totally agree. On the topic of patents in particular, I’m curious if you’d take a peek at See if that makes more sense for you.

      • Looks interesting, but I couldn’t find the content?

        • We’re at the very beginning of the effort — just started up — and are looking for questions to answer. Our first “question” came in today from the chairman of an angel group in Arizona. He suggests that the most common problem for AZ entrepreneurs regarding patent work is education. Many are not aware of the intricacies, necessary steps, and timelines. We’ll tackle those topics first, but would love more questions to follow up. If you’re curious, please stay tuned to or @kixiapatents. Thanks and I hope you find it interesting. 

  • it should be supported!

  • I like the girly thing that her husband noticed, but Jill’s blogs are outstanding and I may say full of force and determination

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  • i think intellectual property is a serious matter.