Looking for Angel Investors for a High Tech Venture?

Venture Hacks has a great list of high quality angel and seed investors.  I was recently added to the angel list (there goes the neighborhood) and join an active crew of angel and seed stage VC investors that currently includes Rob Go, Ariel Poler, Aaron Patzer, Jason Calacanis, Ho Nam, Georges Harik, Rob Lord, Andy Weissman, Bryce Roberts, Matt Mullenweg, Satish Dharmaraj, Brian Norgard, Mike Hirshland, Roger Ehrenberg, Peter Chane, Josh Felser, Mark Suster, Keith Rabois, Saar Gur, Salil Deshpande, David Cohen, Dave McClure, Bill Lee, Jeff Clavier, James Hong, Auren Hoffman, Jon Callaghan, Chris Sheehan, Jeff Fagnan, Michael Dearing, Dharmesh Shah, Manu Kumar, and Naval Ravikant.

There’s plenty of info listed for each person – see the example of my listing below.


If you are an angel investor or seed stage VC, please apply to be added to the list.  If you are looking for angel or seed stage VC investors, have at it!

  • This is excellent! Knowing a place to go to find quality VC or Angel investors is a must for any start-up.

  • westbrianm

    Thanks for the link. Best part of the list might be the links to everyone's blogs. TONS of great content!

  • angel

    i have hi tech looking for investor im located in europe

  • So, how does an investor define “high tech”?  Is it limited to ventures that have created a new functional technology?  Does it include ventures that use technology to create disruptive innovation?  Or is that merely code for “today’s zeitgeist,” e.g., social media now?

    Obviously, investors don’t want to be approached by entrepreneurs whose ventures are outside their area of interest, and self-interested entrepreneurs don’t want to drill dry holes that way, either.  However, when the descriptive terminology upon which either party is to base such decisions is poorly defined, neither’s purpose is served well.