VC Primer from an Entrepreneur’s Point of View

Tom Evslin has a nice post up titled Two New Must Read VC Blogs for Entrepreneurs praising AsktheVC (yes – we like positive feedback (thanks Tom) – we send it to our mothers and it makes them proud.)  Tom has a series of posts titled “VC Primer from an Entrepreneur’s Point of View”.  They include:

Great stuff.  Our understanding is is still available.  Or – we are happy to repost Tom’s pearls of wisdom here.

  • Hi Brad and Jason,
    Just found your blog today… it’s now on my RSS feed 🙂
    -Chris Comella, Founder
    BuzzPal – The World Is Your Party
    PS: We are starting to network with angels with the goal of finding a good match for both of us. Any suggestions on how to start the discovery and field narrowing process appreciated.