September 2013

Don’t Have A Lazy Relationship With Your VC

Hornik: Get an Introduction

March 2013

Bootstrapping with Brad Feld

January 2013

Reid Hoffman – New VC Blogger (Essayist)

What Is The Appropriate Time Horizon Of A Financial Model for VC’s?

What Are Qualified Conditions Of Debt Conversion?

One Of Our Investors Just Closed Shop. What Should We Do?

Where Can I Find Information on Starting Salaries for a SaaS Startup?

Issues with Equity Misalignment

December 2012

Where Are The Best Executive Programs and Crash Courses for Venture Capital?

Who Are Stock Certificates Issued To and When?

November 2012

Is There More Than One Type Of Convertible Debt?

October 2012

New VC Blogger – Greg Gottesman (Madrona)

September 2012

What Costs Are Considered Reimbursable To The Founders Of A Startup Company?

August 2012

McClure on Scaling Venture Capital

Do You Need To File A Form D With A Financing?

Joe Kraus’ Caller ID Test

July 2012

A New Angel Investing Strategy

June 2012

Josh Breinlinger: Why VCs Lie

Pro-rata Rights For Angels

When Should A Company Be Formed Around an Idea?

Weiss: The CEO’s Weekly Checklist

April 2012

Baldwin: Advisors – Stop Screwing Startups

Do My Early Stage Investors Own Too Much Of The Company?

Does Being The First Full-Time Paid Employee Affect That Founder’s Equity In The Company?

How Often Do Employees Of VC-backed Startups Get Stock Options?

March 2012

How Do I Protect My Option Grant From A Down Round In The Future?

Parker: Open Source and For-Profit Companies

Wilson: The Board Of Directors – Selecting, Electing & Evolving

Suster: Never Negotiate Piecemeal. Here’s Why

Wenger: A Rational Internet Venture Valuations Bubble

McIntyre: Unencumbered By Reality

Be Patient – It Can Take A Long Fucking Time

February 2012

Husband And Wife VC Posts Of The Day

How Do I Get A Job In A Venture Capital Firm?

Takatkah: The Next Big Thing in VC

What Should I Do When Someone Expresses Interest In Acquiring My Company?

January 2012

Wenger: Presenting Option Grants to Boards

MacLeod: The Model Board Package

Ehrenberg: Letting Go

What Does A VC Mean When He Says Your Product Is “A Feature And Not A Company”?

Wilson: Herky Jerky Investing

O’Donnell: The Race Is Long

Suster: Spend 2012 on the Right Side of the Haimish Line

Raouf: What Made Alex Ferguson a Great Manager

November 2011

What Are VC Firm’s Efforts To Connect Firms In Their Portfolio With Fresh MBA Grads?

Levine: Trends in M&A Deal Terms

Are VCs Interested in Funding a Services Agency?

Suster: Why You Should Ban Laptops & iPads at Board Meetings

October 2011

Wilson: What’s The Difference Between A CTO And A VP Engineering?

Horowitz: Lead Bullets

Skok: Multi-axis Pricing: A Key Tool for Increasing SaaS Revenue

Mentors, Revenue Based Financing, and Misperceptions About Venture Capital

Roberts: You’re Doing It All Wrong

Go: Startup Jargon Series: DISRUPTION

Wenger: Tech Tuesdays

September 2011

Convertible Debt – Wrap Up

October 2011

Weiss: Looking Bigger

September 2011

Convertible Debt – Early Versus Late Stage Dynamics

October 2011

Brisbourne: The Math Behind Anti-Dilution (With Examples)

September 2011

Convertible Debt – Warrants

October 2011

Teaching With Our Book – Venture Deals

How Many Shares Should I Use To Incorporate My Company?

How Do VCs Mitigate Risk In Their Investment Portfolios?

Warrants In A Deal With An Advisor

September 2011

Convertible Debt – Other Terms

Convertible Debt – Conversion In A Sale Of The Company

Is A 180 Day Lockup Typical When A Company Goes Public?

August 2011

Convertible Debt – Conversion Mechanics

Convertible Debt – Valuation Caps

Convertible Debt – The Discount

Convertible Debt Series

September 2011

Do You Need To Be A Corporation To Raise VC Funding?

What Should You Do When An Investor Asks You For A Business Plan?

Suster: The Problem with Collecting Logos at Startups

MacLeod: A Series On SaaS Math

August 2011

If An Entrepreneur Has Children, Does It Impact Funding Decisions?

Roberts: You Can Never Size a Market in Excel

Are People Who Claim To Be “VC Brokers” Legit?

Wilson: Pricing A Follow-On Venture Investment

When Financings Fall Apart

Suster: Avoid Monoculture

Checklist For Launching A Startup

Sheehan: Putting Together Your Perfect Seed Round

Levine: Should The Current Market Environment Change Your Fundraising Strategy?

Model Cap Tables With VCHub

Hower: Your Startup Probably Isn’t A Platform

Skype Buys GroupMe For Around $85 Million

How Hard Is It For A US VC To Fund A Company In Brazil?

Entrepreneurs Thoughts On VCs And Angels

VC Song of the Day: Takin’ VC Money

Wilson: Financing Options: Bridge Loans

Suster: What Startups Can Learn About PR and Crisis Management

Go: Should You Meet With VC’s Early for Feedback?

Shulman: Should Founders Personally Guaranty Bank Loans?

Venture Deals: Chapter 13: Legal Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Brisbourne: Keeping Going Through The Turmoil

Venture Deals: Chapter 12: Letters of Intent—The Other Term Sheet

Venture Deals: Chapter 11: Issues at Different Financing Stages

Spreadsheets To Model Cap Tables

Wilson: Financing Options – Capital Equipment Loans and Leases

Errata For Venture Deals

Venture Deals: Chapter 10: Raising Money the Right Way

Venture Deals: Chapter 9: Negotiation Tactics

Venture Deals: Chapter 8: How Venture Capital Funds Work

Dale: All The Bad Things VCs Want To Do To You!

Wegner: If You Need To Raise Money, Get Your Financing Done ASAP

Venture Deals: Chapter 7: The Capitalization Table

Sabet: Always Be Recruiting

Venture Deals: Chapter 6: Other Terms of the Term Sheet

Venture Deals: Chapter 5: Control Terms of the Term Sheet

Morgan: Why Entrepreneurs Should Never Meet VC’s Unless They’re Formally Pitching

July 2011

Venture Deals: Chapter 4: Economic Terms of the Term Sheet

Raouf: Should You Care About Your VC’s Investors?

Levine: Beware of ASSHOLE VCs

Venture Deals: Chapter 3: Overview of the Term Sheet

Venture Deals: Chapter 2: How To Raise Money

Go: Some Thoughts on Communicating With Your Investors

Venture Deals: Chapter 1: The Players

Series A Warrants Based On Milestones Versus A Deal With Two Closes

Why We Wrote Venture Deals

Ehrenberg: Financing your start-up

VC’s Talk About Better Board Meetings

Suster: Don’t Cede Control: Why You Need to Cut out Middle Men in Negotiations

O’Donnell: Live In The Problem

Venture Deals Is Officially Released

500Startups: Cohort Metrics For Startups

Bussgang: Why You Should Eliminate Titles at Start-ups

February 2010

GREAT New Blog – IP Law for Startups

December 2009

Is An Inside Round Good or Bad?

Looking for Angel Investors for a High Tech Venture?

A VC on Pitching VC’s

Things To Consider About Who You Should Take VC Money From

November 2009

Why Don’t Venture Capitalists Tell You Why They Won’t Invest?

Preparing to Wind Down a Business: What information do you need?

October 2009

When to Shut Down Your Company

Know Your Communication Strategy When Raising Money

How To Wind Down Your Company – New Series

August 2009

Thoughtful Analysis on the Dynamics of the VC Industry

How to Run a Great Board Meeting

Ruminations On Whether Seattle VC’s Suck

July 2009

Another Way VCs Outnegotiate Entrepreneurs

Finding Companies to Invest In

June 2009

How To Cold Call A VC

Betting on A Big Wave

When Failure Is An Option

May 2009

Key Characteristics of a Great Startup Culture

Start-up Cost Projections For First Time Entrepreneurs

Communications Advice for Pitching Venture Capitalists

2009 New York Venture Summit

April 2009

Participate in the 2009 Startup Executive Compensation Survey

How To Get A Job In Venture Capital

Does The Concept of Addressable Market Matter?

Do VC’s Guess The Exit At The Beginning?

March 2009

What Advice Would You Give Mompreneurs?

What Are VCs Good For?

Risk Tolerance is a Competitive Weapon

Ask the VC Live – University of Michigan

What Do Venture Capitalists Think About Young Entrepreneurs?

Crash Course Video

February 2009

Crash Course on Venture Capital

Hints on Executive Summaries

Beers with Brad in Seattle

Ask the VC Live (Update) and Start Up Drinks

Ask the VC Live (Update) and Start Up Drinks

Model Seed Documents – Direct From Techstars

Ask The VC – Live

January 2009

Ideas On Hiring

Should I Send My Business Plan to a VC?

December 2008

Getting Attention from VCs and Angel Investors If You Are Young

VC Investing During A Downturn

What Does Your Business Actually Do?

Angels – Keep It Simple and Fair

Valuing Startups

Not All Founders Are Founders

Deciding Which VCs to Avoid (or to approach)

Why Is My Venture Capitalist Wasting My Money By Changing My Indemnification Agreements?

Watch Tim Draper Undress

November 2008

Choice of Entity – C Corps, S Corps, LLCs?

Healthy Ways to Tighten the Corporate Belt

Visualizing Your Portfolio

SaaS and Cost Cutting vs. Sales

LearnVC – A Web Resource About Venture Capital for Entrepreneurs and Investors

October 2008

What To Do When You Are In A Circular Discussion With A VC

What’s Your Burn Rate Mean?

Who You Deal With and How You Deal With Them

How Does the Current Macro Economy Affect Venture Capitalists and Startups?

How Many Companies Should Be in a VC’s Fund?

Why Wont The Venture Capitalist Return My Phone Call?

September 2008

Compensation In A Very Early State Company – Follow Up Question

How Do I Do Multiple Closings for an Angel Round?

What Price Adjustments Do You See Prior To Closing In A Financing?

August 2008

What Are the Pros and Cons of Investment From a Strategic Entity?

How Should I Approach a VC I Don’t Know?

Paul Graham on Fundraising

Answer The Question Honestly

How Many Deals Should Be Needed To Return A VC Fund?

How Gross and Net Returns Work For Venture Funds

How Venture Fund Economics Work

Is Dilution Considered When Talking About Equity Ranges?

July 2008

How Can I Invest In A Venture Capital Firm?

Am I In Trouble If I Don’t Raise Money From Kleiner?

Should I Pay My Venture Capitalist To Consult For My Company?

What Is The Purpose of Venture Debt At The Series A Round?

Should I Pay My Lawyer A Success Fee For Venture Capital Intros?

Are Eyeballs Good Enough?

Intent, Term Sheets, and Off Limit Questions

June 2008

Where Are My IPOs?

How Did We Get Our Idea For Our Startup?

I’ve Got Angels Who Want To Invest But Not Lead – Now What?

What’s An Appropriate Equity Package For A Founding Board Member?

More Thoughts on Structuring an Angel Investment

Founders Termination Clause In Term Sheets?

May 2008

What Kind of Benefits Can I Expect Working at a Startup?

Getting Into The VC Business

Should You Expense or Capitalize Your Engineering Costs?

Should I Be A Shareholder Representative?

Term Sheet Glossary

A VC’s View on Why Startups Fail

Should I Protect My IP Before I Try To Build My Product?

Do VCs Fund Entrepreneurs Who Have Failed At Previous Ventures

Should I Send My Business Plan To Every VC Firm I Have An Email Address For?

Get Rid of the Friction

How An Angel Financing Works

How To Get A Job In Venture Capital

April 2008

I Cut The Wrong Deal With An Advisor – Should I Kill It?

VC Perspective on Intellectual Property

How Do Startups Find Early Hires?

After The Term Sheet

Do I Need a Team To Raise Venture Capital?

Does Having a H1B-Visa Founder Preclude Venture Investment?

Do I Pick A Venture Capitalist Based On Money or Guidance?

Tranched Financings

What Do I Say When I Don’t Think A Founder Will Be An Effective CEO?

What’s The Best Material for the Pre-Pitch Introduction to a VC

March 2008

Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

How A VC Thinks About Marketplaces

What’s the Difference between a CEO and COO?

How Does A Small Angel Investment Impact a Future VC Round?

Communicating With Your Board

Are Venture Capitalists incompetent or just inconsiderate?

It’s My Fault

Saving Money When Running A Startup

February 2008

Do You Have Conviction and Discipline?

Choosing Board Members

Power and Spooky Minds

Why Isn’t There A Network or Hub Connecting Venture Capitalists With Startups?

Pondering Bridges

Do Venture Capitalists Demand Audited Financials?

January 2008

This Downturn Will Be Different

A VCs Thought On A Potential Downturn

What Is The Effect of the "Pending" Recession on Venture Capital Financings of Private Companies?

The CEO Review

What Happens to Unvested Options in a Merger?

Angel Funding Toolkit

What Is A CTO?

VCs to Avoid

Do Venture Capitalists Always Get Veto Rights On A Company Raising More Money?

Mid-Atlantic Venture Capital Funds

Do Venture Capitalists Fund A Company With An Intent To Steal It?

Do All Venture Capitalists Come From Harvard or Stanford?

Equity Comp in Turnarounds and Consolidations

December 2007

My Lawyer Wants Equity in My Startup

I’ve Got A Huge Vision for Something, Now What?

What Skills Do You Look For In Founders?

Are Watermarks On Presentations Useful?

Can Employee #1000 Get Rich Off of Stock Options?

Mark Davis – Get Venture

Will A Talented Entrepreneur Make $1m From His Startup?

What Valuation Are You Looking For?

Should I Outsource My Fundraising?

Sales is a Science, not an Art

What Happens If Convertible Notes Are Called By Angel Investors?

Should Venture-backed Companies Require Non-Competes?

November 2007

Ad Revenue Models

The Wizard on Early Stage Board of Directors

Should Startups Invest In Patents?

What Are Typical Employment Contract Terms and Severance Benefits for a Startup?

SEC Announces Rule Change for Private Companies

Furqan Nazeeri – EIR Blogger

Compensation In A Very Early Stage Company

Should You Exercise Your Stock Options

Don’t Ask For An NDA

Generic Range of Equity Desired By a VC for Round 1 or 2

Term Sheet for an LLC vs. a Corporation

Litigation Sucks

Should You Exaggerate Your Size?

What Is The One Common Element You’ve Seen In Successful VC’s?

What Should You Send To Prospective Investors?

Fun VC Phrases That Mean Nothing

October 2007

How Good Angel Groups Work

Eek – A Competitor Just Raised $50 Million – Now What?

Places to Find Developers in Exchange for Sweat Equity

September 2011

How Much Equity Should an Early Stage COO/CFO Get?

October 2007

The Next 20 Hires

The Role of an Early Stage Board of Directors

How Can An Entrepreneur Fundraise Without Getting In Trouble With the SEC?

Getting To No – Quickly

When A VC Says “I Need 20% Of The Company”

Great Book on Legal Issues Affecting Entrepreneurs

Do Credit Market Problems Affect the Venture Capital Industry?

September 2007

More on Potential Tax Law Changes for Venture Capitalists

Emailing Your VC

Pondering Your Exit Strategy

You Can Fire 10% of Your Company Anytime And Not Notice

Why Are Venture Capitalists So Hard To Deal With?

How Does One Structure a Business to Pursue Other Business Lines?

How Much Equity Should I Get In My Startup?

Handling a Poor Reference on a New CEO Candidate

August 2007

How Will the New Tax Laws on Carry Affect Venture Capitalists?

Does My Company Have to Exist to Get Funding?

Why Doesn’t My Question Get Answered on Your Website?

What’s the Climate for Venture Fundings In China?

What Are The Costs Associated With Changing a Company’s State of Incorporation?

Creating a Board of Directors During an Angel Round

Quick Overview of Preferred Stock

Can You Conduct A Confidential Venture Capital Job Search?

July 2007

Latest and Greatest on Stock Option Practices

Raising Money From Venture Capitalists Versus Investment Banks.

Check Out Our Lijit Search!

How Much Should I Pay Lawyers To Complete My Financing?

Sometimes VCs are Crazy

How Much Should You Raise in a Series A?

Good Fundraising Story and Perspective

An Investment Bankers’ View On Brokers in Early Stage Fundraising

When Should We Start Seeking Our Next Round of Funding?

Is There A Distinction Between Seed and Early Stage

How To Do A Layoff

All That You Wanted to Know About GPLv3 and Open Source Issues

How Do You Value "Sweat Equity" in a New Restaurant Concept?

What Are The Appropriate Information Rights for Angel Investors?

Launching Into Specific Verticals and Geographies

Critical Marketing Activites For A Startup

10 Pragmatic Steps to Raising Venture Capital

What Do Venture Capitalists Think About Venture Debt?

Asymmetric Risk

Did You Make Your Expense Plan?

How Do Venture Capitalist Justify Doing Angel Deals To Their Investors?

June 2007

Do Venture Capitalists Still Invest In "Old Folks?"

Why Don’t Venture Capitalists Invest In Real Estate?

Selling a Company: To Auction or Not Auction

Options, Options, and More Options

Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence – The Seriousness of the Acquirer

How Do You Negotiate a Carve Out With Investors?

What Is the Standard Number of Shares to Create in a New Company?

How Can You Replace the CEO of a Struggling Angel-Funded Company?

What are Supra Pro-Rata Rights?

Should Entrepreneurs Be Worried About Convertible Notes as a First Financing Event?

Can I Be Creative In My Financing Approaches Without Committing a Securities Violation?

How To Start A Company Like Schilling Pitches

Board Member / Advisory Member Compensation

The Re-emergence of Venture Debt

Venture Capital / Lawyer Term Sheet Humor

Do Venture Capitalist Like To Change Pre-existing Employment Contracts?

Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence – What To Expect

Should I Take Money From Unaccredited Investors?

Do Venture Deals Include Control Premiums?

Marc Andreesen on Venture Capitalists – Part 2

How To Get A Gig as a VC Associate (or Analyst)

Marc Andreesen on Venture Capitalists

What Should I Pay a Recruiter?

Do Venture Investors Require Business Plans?

What are typical compensation numbers?

Can Founders Cash Out At Time of Venture Investment?

What Are Standard Legal Fee Arrangments For Un-Funded Startups?

May 2007

Trends in Compensation Packages in Venture-Backed Companies

Do Venture Capitalist Ever Use Their Redemption Rights?

Budgets in Early Stage Companies

Decision Making Using Noninstrumental Information

How Important is Brand Image at The Early Stages?

Burn Rate for a Seed Financing

What Percentage of A Company Does a Typical Entrepreneur Own at Exit?

Equity Compensation Terms

Open Source Discussion

Deferred Cash Compensation

Compensation in Venture-Backed Companies Before They Raise Money

The Widget Economy

Microsoft – The New Destructor of Innovation?

Compensation Packages in Venture-Backed Companies

Defining the Anti VC

How Do You Calculate Operating Cash Flow?

What is the Best State of Incorporation?

The One Page Board Summary

Kedrosky’s Top 10 Limited Partner Lies

Supreme Court Issues Two Important Patent Decisions

April 2007

Concluding Thoughts about Good Board Packages

Common Stock Carveouts In Acquisitions

Josh Kopelman on “Catch and Release” vs. “Catch and Keep”

Board Package Series – Overview and CEO Critical Thoughts

Boulder OpenCoffee Club Update: New Website, New Location and New Attendees!

Final Regulations Under Section 409A Released

Board Package Series – Business Reporting

Fred Wilson on Reserves

Board Package Series – Board Administrative Issues

Is Quality of The Team The Most Important Thing?

Communicating with Your Angel Investors

Book Review: Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation

What is the Minimum Amount of Investment Should I Take From an Angel Investor?

A Founders View on Stock Vesting

How to Create A Good Board Package

A VC’s Typical Day

Creating a Good Board Package Series

Boulder OpenCoffee Club Clarification

Convertible Warrants In A Series A Round?

Stock Options from an Entrepreneurs Point of View

March 2007

Boulder Open Coffee Club Open for Business

How Do VCs Discount For Lack Of Marketability of Stock?

Location, Location, Location

Should An Angel Investor Invest in Friends?

What Should I Consider With Management Carve Out Plans?

Okay, I Got A Job At A Venture Firm: What Do I Do Now?

Are Advisory Boards Helpful?

How to Fill Early Board Positions In A Pre-Seed Company

New VC Blogger – Todd Jaquez-Fissori

How Do You Plan for M&A?

Hedge Funds and Early Stage Venture Capital

Patent Rant

Should Entrepreneurs Avoid Examining Patents? – The Sequel

Should Entrepreneurs Avoid Examining Patents?

The Power of Free

Introduction to Venture Capital

Do All VCs Have Degrees From Top Schools?

Failure and the Loser’s Curse

How Do I Best Deal With the Due Diligence Process?

How Do I Create Projections For My New Web Service?

Are “Letters of Intent” Useful in VC Meetings

What Do Venture Capitalists Think About Founders Looking For A New CEO?

February 2007

Tim Wolters on The Liquidation Preference

What’s A Reasonable Starting Point For An Option Pool?

Example Term Sheet

How Do Venture Capitalists Spend Their Day?

Should You Hire Someone To Write Your Business Plan?

Dealing With All Those Early Shareholders

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

Everything You Need To Know About Venture Capital

VC (or Entrepreneur) Madlibs

More Thoughts on Don’t Be Casual

What Do Venture Capitalists Think About Founders Leaving and Starting New Businesses?

Equity Dilution Math

Should A Company Use A Founder’s Spouse As Legal Counsel?

The Value of No

More On Conferences

How Targeted Should An Early-Staged Company Be?

Which Conferences Should I Attend?

When Is It Appropriate To Bring Your Lawyer Into Your Deal?

Why Do Companies Fail?

Do Venture Capitalist Care About Immigration Laws?

The IRS Is Urging Companies To Pay Liabilities Of Workers With Backdated Options.

Nothing Is Standard

How Is Intellectual Property Split Between Separating Founders?

What Do Venture Capitalists Think About Offshore Development Offices?

What Is The Difference Between "Venture Capital" and "Private Equity?"

Founder Promotions

White Paper: A Simple Guide to the Basic Responsibilities of VC-Backed Company Directors

Say What You Mean

January 2007

How Do You Find A Good Law Firm?

I Want Control – Pretty Please

Do VCs Care About Product Managers?

How To Craft A Term Sheet?

How To Become a Venture Capitalist

How Do VC’s Think About Open Source?

How Expensive / Dilutive is VC Money?

What To Do With An Alcoholic Business Partner

How Do VC’s Determine Company Valuations?

Should We Talk To VCs If We Aren’t Interested In Raising Money?

I Was “De-VC’d” What Do I Do Now?

How Do Limited Partners Feel About "Fair Valuation" Guidelines?

Do IRR’s Matter?

When Do VC’s Prefer to Invest In Companies?

What Is the Impact of Private Equity and Hedge Funds on VCs?

Should Companies Solicit Multiple VCs, or Just One While Fundraising?

VC Primer from an Entrepreneur’s Point of View

Do I Pitch A Better Mousetrap or A Different Version of Star Trek?

Are There Venture Capital Brokers?

More on NDA’s

VCs and Non-Disclosure Agreements

Annotated Term Sheet

Raising Startup Money Through a Public Shell Company

Attack of The VC Bloggers

What Kind of People Do VCs Like to Back

What Are Standard Terms and Valuations?

Are There Any VCs Running Their Firms as a Web 2.0 Business?

How Do You Decide How Much To Raise Per Financing Round?

California Gone "Mad" In Enforcement of 409A

What’s a Good Venture Capital Terms Dictionary?

Is This Offer a Good One for My Company?

What Are Standard General Partner Terms in Fund Agreements?

How Many Boards Can A VC Handle?

Why Don’t Companies Issue Non-Voting Stock To Employees / Investors?

How Do You Raise A Little Bit of Capital – Part 2

How Do You Raise A Little Bit Of Capital?

Coming Soon To This Blog: New Series

Can VCs Invest In S-Corps or LLCs?

Do Companies Ever Buy Back VC Shares?

Investing In An Angel Deal Without A PPM?

Questions You Should Ask Yourself During Fundraising

MIT Enterprise Forum “Brave New Web” Conferences

How To Incentivize Employees in a LLC context?

What Is The Relevance of Life Terms of VC Funds?

Check Your Sketchy “Business Coach’s” References

How To Earn Frequent Flyer Miles on US Airways

December 2006

Fred Wilson’s Predictions for 2007

Learning Your Way Around AsktheVC

What are Some Good VC Media Sources?

How Do You Deal with Founders Stock When Some of the Founders Leave the Company Early?

What on Earth is 280G? What is a Parachute Payment?

What is a Typical Capital Structure Like?

What do VC Titles Mean?

November 2006

Welcome to Ask the VC